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The Complete Academic Advising System

EZapptís academic advising software is a comprehensive solution that gives students instant access to advisorsí available appointment times. It also tracks the student advising history, allows monitoring of student progress and advising activities throughout the institution. Student walk-in and appointment arrivals are efficiently managed through our arrival management system.

Visibility and Accessibility

In order to provide a comprehensive advising solution student visibility and accessibility to available advising appointments is essential. Making student access to advisors simple and convenient is facilitated by the EZappt Academic Advising System.

Management of Schedules

The advisorís view of the system allows them set up their schedule online and manage what times are available for student bookings. Once the schedule is set up they can passively or actively monitor their schedule to see who has booked an appointment with them.

Electronic Academic Advising Record

A key part of the EZappt academic advising software is the electronic academic advising record. The advising record system captures key information during the advising interview, assists in creating plans, and follow up instructions. An overview dashboard gives staff a quick snapshot of the student including any alerts that have been triggered and rapid access to previous visits and details.   Learn More

Management of Advising

With the new system the administrative staff now has a powerful new tool to view live and historical appointment scheduling activity throughout the university. Administrators may also access reports on advising activity by department, by advisor and by student.

Automate Security with Single Sign On

Single Sign On is a convenient feature for users and supports improved security. When a user logs into the student portal they are simultaneously logging into the EZappt system.   Learn More

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