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Online program registration gives clients what they want; reliable, on-demand, self service convenience. EZappt online registration gives organizations what they need by providing a low cost, easily manageable solution. EZappt handles the complete registration lifecycle from creation and maintenance through completion. Registering clients online is simply the best solution for clients and organizations.

Talk Efficiency
How quickly can you register clients over the phone or in person? EZappt has registered well over 1000 clients in less than a minute. How many agents would it take to accomplish the same task? Manually registering 1000 clients involves significant staffing. To manually register clients, 12 in an hour is often an accomplishment. For 1000 clients it will take about 80 hours of staff time, meaning your registration costs are approaching $2000. EZappt reduces that cost to a small fraction.

 Key Features

Visibility and Manageability
EZappt allows full visibility to the live registration process throughout the organization. Administrative users have the ability to manage all types of variables to tailor most any program. Our arrival management dashboard give management a tool to view the progress of the program as it is happening.

EZappt provides customized tracking to allow you to get the most out of your program. Tracking may include items such as; attendance, grading, progress notes, forms, tests and surveys.

Online program registration software solution. Administer your program online, let your clients sign up online.

Getting clients registered and booked at light speed, on demand, online.

EZappt includes a full reporting package with standard, custom and ?on the fly? reports.

Client Conveniences
Clients now have 24/7 on demand access to register. No more phone calls, waiting on hold. Clients get rapid confirmation and a place to go to edit their information and view their own program details and history. Outlook and Google integrated confirmations and reminders keep them up to date.

Messaging System
EZappt allows internal messaging within the application and external messaging via email or text.

Role Based Security
Allows for user role defined access by such groups as; administrators, program staff, and vendors. Create and manage group and individual security roles.

The EZappt system is readily customizable to fit specific needs.

Create and manage available schedules for appointment booking as part of, or separate from the program.

Classes & Event Management
Create and manage classes or events as part of or separate to the program.

EZappt professional services are available to handle all your integration and data migration needs.

EZappt provides a customized efficient training plan tailored to the organization.

Contact your EZappt Project Specialist to receive a free custom analysis on taking client registration, scheduling and management solutions online.

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