Spay and Neuter Appointment Scheduling - Shelter Scheduling

EZappt is happy to support our community through free use of our online service for designated non-profit organizations. We currently support spay and neuter clinics and animal shelters.

Spay and Neuter Clinic Appointment Scheduling

With EZappt software clients to book an appointment for your spay and neuter services online. Your organization can manage your available schedule online and you can allow clients limited access to view open booking times through a browser or mobile device. The client may then register and book among their choice of times. They will receive automated confirmations and reminders of their appointment. It is a great way to lower your scheduling workload and allow pet owners improved access to your services.

Animal Shelter Scheduling

If you operate a shelter you may also qualify for free use of our scheduling services. EZappt?s online scheduling platform allows prospective owners to book appointments to view pets based on the available schedule you define. You may also coordinate pet events online by posting the event, managing your staff and letting clients book the event online.

Scheduling software for nonprofit organizations,  spay and neuter scheduling, and animal shelter scheduling. EZappt allows the organization to display available booking time online and consumers to book appointments with the organization.

Contact your EZappt Project Specialist to see if we can help your organization.

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